The Team

The Team

Karl Greenwood

Project Director

Karl Greenwood is the Appetite Project Director and is responsible for overseeing the successful delivery of the programme. Karl has experience of working across a range of settings, from working at Ernst & Young to managing large-scale creative programmes as a Project Manager in an arts organisation.

Karl's passion for creativity started when he bought a pink bass guitar at age 14 for £20 and he hasn't looked back since. Karl has played in a number of bands, composed music for film and theatre and is also a keen amateur photographer and filmmaker.

Karl has worked with gangs, governments, strategists, designers, DJs, Police, ex-offenders, sculptors, activists, professors, poets, NGOs, architects and many more to develop creative programmes with, and for communities.  

Karl has an appetite for music, late nights, early mornings, pioneers, a morning brew, Iceland (the country not the shop), family, friends, free things, anything that makes life easier and synthesizers.

Gemma Thomas

Creative Producer

Gemma Thomas is the Appetite Creative Producer, her job connects the arts with the communities of Stoke-on-Trent. She's responsible for developing the programme, artists, and the arts and ensuring it meets our vision and values.  

In the arts, Gemma likes good ideas, surprising places and combining different art forms. Her earliest memories as a little girl are writing plays and directing her cousins in them for the family to see (whether they liked it or not).

Gemma's background is in producing festivals, events and projects that are outdoors, public or in unusual spaces that connect people to the places they live. She also used to be a manager in a call centre, bar-maid and did door-to-door sales.

She's really good at avoiding blowing her own trumpet, she loves spicy food, and she mainly wears trousers that are slightly too short. People say she doesn't eat enough meat (but she's a Vegetarian), but she is partial to the odd prawn cracker (shh!).

Gary Cicinskas

Programme Manager

Gary Cicinskas is the Appetite Programme Manager his job consists of marketing, monitoring, event management and social media. He's really good at driving his clapped out motor, he loves to play darts, he mainly wears stripy shirts, he doesn't eat enough fruit, but he is partial to the odd strawberry.

In the arts Gary enjoys most styles of theatre and even performed at the Edinburgh Festival as a youth!
His background is traditionally in community arts but he also used to be a head chef, a waiter and he used to make Doc Martins for a living after he first left school.

Gary's all time favourite LP is Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction.