'You Are Here' A Cultural Report by Carla Dobson-Perez

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'You Are Here' A Cultural Report by Carla Dobson-Perez What does it feel like to leave your home behind in search of a new life?

You Are Here by Restoke explored this journey through the stories of an eclectic group of 21 people from 15 different countries in a diverse mix of spoken word, dance and song. The tickets were passports to the ‘East’ or ‘West’,  taking us on a journey through the ornate yet dilapidated rooms of The Wedgwood Institute in Burslem.

The actors breathed life into the old walls transporting us from room to room, each filled with the challenges, pain and joy of leaving a life behind and starting a new one in an unfamiliar place.

We journeyed from the Middle East to Bosnia, from Paris to Philadelphia. There was a feeling of sadness in the air but also a sense of great bravery and hope at these stories of people forging new lives in the midst of hard times.

The rawness of the experience was increased by knowing that these were not professional actors but real people conveying authentic emotions. When they cried, we cried.  The ‘East’ and ‘West’ came together in the final room for an explosion of joyous dance and song, a community uniting in the spirit of friendship.

This was a performance for post-Brexit Stoke, giving us an insight into how challenging it is to create a new life in a new country. The performers welcomed us into their lives; perhaps we should do the same for them.

Carla Dobson-Pérez
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October 13, 2016

This was a truly beautiful and touching performance. Stoke needs more of this! Thanks Restoke!

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