Cultural Reporter Sue reviews Cyrano at New Vic Theatre

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Cultural Reporter Sue reviews Cyrano at New Vic Theatre The play Cyrano is currently showing at the New Vic Theatre co-produced by Northern Broadsides theatre company. It is set in the era of swashbuckling heroes and derring-do.  After the build-up, the show was full of real ‘laugh out loud’ moments including the bakery scene and in particular when the two suitors of Roxanne; Cyrano and Christian meet for the first time. 

The basis of the story is that Cyrano is in love with the beautiful Roxanne but because of his ‘very long nose’ feels she would never return this love. He therefore helps Christian to woo her by giving him a voice, as Cyrano is the master of poetry and in particular the ‘rhyming couplet’, of which there are many throughout the play’s dialogue.

The character of Christian (who sounded very like Johnny Vegas) is the dashing hunk who wins the fair maiden’s heart through the words of Cyrano. 

However, Roxanne does eventually find out who the real author of the beautiful letters she has been receiving is and realises where her heart truly lies – but does she find out in time?

My favourite character was Ligniere who was a little bit comic, very sweet and reminded me just a tad of Lee Evans. He also had a really good singing voice. 

All of the actors have to be applauded not just for their acting and singing ability but also because throughout the play every one of them, at some point, had to play a musical instrument and not just the triangle that you might get given at school but trumpets, flutes, guitars etc which were played with real ‘panache’ – sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!

Overall this was an enjoyable performance that was well received by the audience with some great comic moments and showcased real talent.
Sue Hackney
Appetite Cultural Reporter

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