We meet BLACK MOUNTAIN writer, Brad Birch

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We meet BLACK MOUNTAIN writer, Brad Birch We meet the writer of Roundabout's critically acclaiemd psychological thriller BLACK MOUNTAIN, Brad Birch.
What inspired you to write a psychological thriller for the stage?
I'm really interested in genre. I'm interested in how form and tone and symbol are shared across different stories within different genres. I think working within a genre means working with a shared palette and that means that, in a way, Black Mountain is in conversation with other stories in this genre. I found a question that fitted the genre and I found a story that fitted the question.
Who are Rebecca and Paul?
Rebecca and Paul are ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. They're normal people finding themselves making strange decisions. I'm interested in the ways that greater forces than ourselves affect our perception of and relation to the world. I'm not talking about spirituality. I'm talking about political and social structures, about the media, about events.
Which technical aspects of the play are you most excited about?
I wanted to build a show and an experience out of sound and light. I hugely admire the craft side of theatre-making and I wanted to exploit the power of these more sensory elements of theatre. The Roundabout is the perfect venue to try this kind of thing out.
What do you think will be the biggest challenge of staging this play?
Making it feel real. I think that's the biggest hurdle all theatre has. Theatre is a very 'unnatural' gesture and so theatre that feels natural and true is golden.
If you had to play one of the characters in BLACK MOUNTAIN, which one would it be?
I'd want to play the axe.

Find out more and book BLACK MOUNTAIN here. Find out more about Brad Birch here.


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