My first week with Appetite

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My first week with Appetite As our new Project Coordinator Matt Wilding-Wykes joins the team, he blogs about his first week in Appetite land.

As the new Project Coordinator at Appetite there has been a lot to take in over my first week. From the numerous events to meeting the staff and many people involved in the programme. As a local I have watched and attended Appetite’s work from afar, so it is great to be now working on the team and helping deliver the Appetite programme. So here is what I have learned during my first week with Appetite.
With so many events going on over July and August it feels like I have joined the team at a very exciting time. From events with schools to the Big Feast and Voala Station to design workshops and Astley Fest, it’s safe to say there has been a lot to take in! It has been really great to sink my teeth into the inner workings of Appetite and what we have in store for the rest of 2018 and beyond.
It’s hard to believe when looking at how many things are delivered by Appetite that the core team is actually just four people! Consisting of Karl, Gemma, Kat and me. It is great to be welcomed into the team and be offered this opportunity to make an impact on the local cultural sphere.

As the Project Coordinator I have the chance to help support the team to deliver all the amazing plans it has for Stoke-on-Trent. One of my first tasks was helping arrange equipment for The Great Kickroo event at Clough Hall Park this Saturday. You always forget just how much is needed to deliver an event before the day. I also introduced myself to the volunteers and Supper Club who I am really looking forward to working with. Again it is incredible to hear how much work Supper Club and the Appetite volunteers put in to make everything work.

I am looking forward to the next few months to really see how all the work Appetite has done will pay off and showcase some incredible events for the people of Stoke and North Staffordshire.



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