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Its all about the road

Its all about the road
Stoke’s London Road connects the buzzing, active communities of Boothen, West End and Oakhill to the town centre along a long, straight road that’s full of history, unusual buildings, old architectural features and public spaces waiting to be brought to life. 

This year-long artwork uses the whole street, London Road, as a venue. As Dan uncovers stories from the road, they’ll be marked by the reanimation of unloved spaces, restoration of original features, reinvention of forgotten buildings, gentle reminders of why the road is special, and regeneration from the bottom up.

It will end in the publication of a book. This will be a psychogeographical, slightly fictional telling of the story of London Road, from one end to the other, from the Ice Age to the future. In that writing, focused on one special road and the people who use it, Dan will tell the whole story of Stoke.

You can follow the progress, and join in with the project #allabouttheroad or to follow what's happening on facebook: allabouttheroad To read Dan's blog about his work and the project for London Road, stories he collects and more please visit: