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The Small Job by Bureau of Silly Ideas

The Small Job by Bureau of Silly Ideas
Bureau of Silly Ideas, says it all? Not quite...

Road works are a pain but our acrobatic fools make a song and dance out of it! Over the years, Bureau of Silly Ideas have produced numerous outdoor shows, ranging from acrobatic spectaculars, to stunning water and light features, pyrotechnic commissions and beyond!

Appetite says: Road works, a constant in British life, is dealt with humour and acrobatics. We cannot wait to see this show!

This performance is part of Pavement Cafe. Across four Saturdays in August, Appetite will turn the City Centre (Hanley) into a mini Edinburgh Festival, with street theatre, acrobats and comedians around almost every corner. From the ridiculouly funny 'Inflation' by Tangled Feet to the phenomenon that is 'The Q' by Talking Birds. What will you stumble across?